Atrium Society Presents Education and Resources for Understanding the Conditioned Mind

A powerful book designed to help young people understand the conditioning employed by the armed services to psychologically shape and influence their recruits. The book does not present an anti-war or pacifist argument--instead, it raises critical questions of free will and intelligent living. Full-color illustrations.

Every publication from the pen of this author should make a significant contribution to peace within and without. Highly recommended!

— New Age Publishers and Retailers Alliance Trade Journal

Hello Dr. Webster-Doyle, I am a school principal, a parent and martial artist. I just wanted to thank you for this incredible book about how young people become conditioned to be warriors. This is the most unusual book that I have ever bought for my children! And perhaps the most important! I want to tell people that if you are concerned about war and what you can do to help your children understand what creates it then get this book. You could save their lives. Again many thanks for this intelligent peace-educating book.

— Dr. Phillip Ramos

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