Education For Peace

Understanding What Prevents It

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Are children being exposed to violence on TV and through playing violent video games, setting up an environment that physically changes the brain by making it good at thinking and acting violently?

Can this then increase the possibility that the next generation of children will inherit a brain adapted physically to warlike behavior?

Is this genetic programming created by the constant exposure to visual violence only symptomatic of something far deeper and more pervasive, which has been going on for thousands of years?

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Martial Arts for Peace

Understanding the Martial Within

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Understanding the fundamental causes of conflict, as well as learning to avoid, resolve and manage conflict at an early age, will increase the chance of young people entering adulthood with a more intelligent and peaceful understanding of relationships.

Martial Arts Education for Peace can therefore become a vital force in society in changing our conditioned, destructive patterns of relationship and thus create the potential for a more peaceful and loving world – if they are taught as they were intended to be.

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