Are we born hardwired for war? Is Combat in our DNA?


“Most honest combat vets will tell you, perhaps not eloquently but in their own way, the same thing: essentially that combat is in our human DNA and demands to be exercised.... The question is, can we humans evolve peacefully, or will we succumb to instincts we can’t transcend?”

Former Marine Corp helicopter pilot in Vietnam


All illustrations done by artist Rod Cameron

In today’s world there is conflict the world over – at home, at school, in offices, among nations. There are ongoing attempts to stop the fighting, stop battles, and stop wars, yet they still go on. What creates this conflict? What is its origin?

Is it possible that we are genetically hardwired for war?

Is this what prevents peace?

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Hardwired for War

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Students Trained in the Hardwired for War Program at Samara State University in Samara, Russia

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