Atrium Society Presents the Brave New Child Peace Museum Education and Resources for Understanding the Conditioned Mind

  • Lesson 1: The Martial Arts Code of Conduct
  • Lesson 2: Kindness: Treating People Well
  • Lesson 3: Courtesy: Giving and Getting Respect
  • Lesson 4: Honesty: Telling the Truth and Being Fair
  • Lesson 5: Courage: Standing Up for What’s Right
  • Lesson 6: Character: Being Strong When We’re Feeling Weak
  • Lesson 7: Order: Creating Harmony When There’s Confusion
  • Lesson 8: Humility: Seeing Ourselves as Part of the Whole
  • Lesson 9: Wisdom: Understanding What Makes Us Afraid
  • Lesson 10: Conditioning: Recognizing Thoughts That Won’t Go Away
  • Lesson 11: Intelligence: Remembering to Think Before We Act
  • Lesson 12: Love: Becoming a Champion for Peace

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