Martial Arts for Peace Institute

  • Lesson 1: The Martial Arts Code of Conduct
  • Lesson 2: Kindness: Treating People Well
  • Lesson 3: Courtesy: Giving and Getting Respect
  • Lesson 4: Honesty: Telling the Truth and Being Fair
  • Lesson 5: Courage: Standing Up for What’s Right
  • Lesson 6: Character: Being Strong When We’re Feeling Weak
  • Lesson 7: Order: Creating Harmony When There’s Confusion
  • Lesson 8: Humility: Seeing Ourselves as Part of the Whole
  • Lesson 9: Wisdom: Understanding What Makes Us Afraid
  • Lesson 10: Conditioning: Recognizing Thoughts That Won’t Go Away
  • Lesson 11: Intelligence: Remembering to Think Before We Act
  • Lesson 12: Love: Becoming a Champion for Peace

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These books are an asset to Martial Arts instructors, students and parents of all styles, ages and rank levels. Don’t just place them on your shelf! Read them again and again.
Marilyn Fierro, Owner and Chief Instructor Smithtown Karate Academy, Smithtown, New York