Atrium Society Presents the Brave New Child Peace Museum Education and Resources for Understanding the Conditioned Mind

  • Lesson 1: Make Friends: A Bully Can Be a Buddy!
  • Lesson 2: Use Humor: This Is a Time for Fun!
  • Lesson 3: Walk Away: Act Instead of React!
  • Lesson 4: Use Cleverness: The Mind is Strong Than the Body!
  • Lesson 5: Agree with the Bully: Yield Right of Way!
  • Lesson 6: Refuse to Fight: Just Say No!
  • Lesson 7: Stand Up to the Bully: Let's See That Confidence!
  • Lesson 8: Scream/Yell: Let's Hear That Voice!
  • Lesson 9: Use Authority: Help Is on the Way!
  • Lesson 10: Ignore the Threat: The Bully Is Invisible!
  • Lesson 11: Reason with the Bully: Mind Over Matter!
  • Lesson 12: Take a Stance: Show Your Unmistakable Intent!

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