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Inspirational stories for martial arts students presenting tests of wisdom involving attributes including...

  • Honor
  • Strength
  • Humility
  • Peaceful conflict resolution
  • Love.

Each test contributes to character development.

"The books of Dr. Webster-Doyle are the first attempt I have seen to explain to young people and adults the concept of martial arts as a peaceful, nonviolent 'way of life' and to give students the tools to accomplish this goal." 

Linda Lee Cadwell

Tests of Wisdom

Breaking the Chains: The Test of Respect 
Hall of Battle: The Test of Bravery 
Way of the Golden Dragon: The Test of Selflessness 
Curse of the Ancient Warrior: The Test of Honor 
Mind Like Moon: The Test of Unity 
Gordian Knot: The Test of Spirit 
Games Martial Arts Masters Play: The Test of Trust 
Gift of the Moon: The Test of Charity 
Attacking Nothingness: The Test of Compassion 
Defeating the Enemy Without Fighting: The Test of Understanding
Unbroken Flame of Attention: The Test of Harmony 
War of the Rose: The Test of Strength 
Quest for Peace: The Test of Order 
Fighting the Paper Tiger: The Test of Focus 
Way of the Sword: The Test of Excellence 
Beginner's Mind: The Test of Wisdom 
Faceless Face: The Test of Purity 
Face of the Enemy: The Test of Humility 
Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky: The Test of Love