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12 Ways to Walk Away with Confidence

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1. Make friends

A bully can be a buddy!

2. Use humor

This is a time for fun!

3. Walk away

Act instead of react!

4. Use cleverness

The mind is stronger than the body!

5. Agree with the bully

Yield right of way!

6. Refuse to fight

Just say no!

7. Stand up to the bully

Let’s see that confidence!

8. Scream or yell

Let’s hear that voice!

9. Use authority

Help is on the way!

10. Ignore the threat

The bully is invisible!

11. Reason with the bully

Mind over matter!

12. Take a stance

Show your unmistakable intent!

Subdue the Bully the Smart Way

The intent of POP the Bully is to help a young person see the possibility of a threat or not and to respond appropriately if need be.

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The PAUSE is to replace the freeze in the freeze, fight or flight survival instinct so the possible threat doesn't go to immediately the fight or flight reaction which then gets caught up in this impulse.


Then OBSERVE is to watch or study someone or something with care and attention in order to discover something. The key words are "watch" and "give attention to." This is perception and not the intellect. It is direct perception that is intelligence.


Then comes PREPARE where what one has been taught as the 12 Ways to Walk Away with Confidence can come into play as intelligent options to a possible threat. This is the intelligent intellectual response needed to deal with a possible threat. So we have the combination of direct perception and the intellect to intelligently cope with a possible bullying threat.

"The author who holds the world record for the most awards in our (martial arts) industry is, hands down, Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle. As resources for the understanding and nonviolent resolution of conflict, his books have won widespread awards – from places as far-flung as Moscow and Panama – and critical praise. He has probably brought more literary credibility to our field than any one else in our lifetime.”
John Corcoran, MA Success